Remarkable Client Success Stories: Transformative Results with Joel's Expertise

Yossi, Forge Your Path Member
“Joel allowed me to believe I can do more; to dream bigger. Nothing feels impossible for me now. I saw my business triple within my first year of working with Joel.” - Yossi
“I definitely felt stuck but really wanted to scale my business. The Forge Your Path group has been a lifesaver. I look forward to these calls which help me with what I should be working on and inspire me. My business has grown a lot.” - Shaya
Shaya, Forge Your Path Member
"I love meeting with Joel to discuss my business because I always come away encouraged to keep going, keep working, keep learning, and keep believing. I frequently find myself saying, ‘wait – let me write that down’, because he shares insights and wisdom that I haven’t heard before. Ideas that make me stop and think about what I’m doing. Entrepreneurship is hardwork, and having someone to discuss hard decisions with is priceless. I highly recommend Joel Goldstein for Life and Business Coaching." - Jason
Jason Miles, Udemy’s Most Popular E-commerce Instructor
Judy Trimbur Owner/ President at MIRACLES OF HEALTH

My experience with Joel Goldstein as a life coach has been so life changing. He worked with me during a very transitional time in my life which I will always remember and cherish for many years. Joel puts all of his heart and soul into resolving personal and professional issues. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share and is always studying to improve his own skills. I was deeply impressed with his dedication and encouraging attitude. If you ever can spend time with Joel, he truly is a rare gift and your life will be richer for it! Thank You forever Joel!

Kyle Hamar E-commerce/Online Coach, 7-figure Amazon Seller

"Are you looking for a breakthrough? Joel is a gifted coach that will help you unlock your potential. I believe, if you are willing to do the work, that your next level in life, business, or, relationships is waiting for you. The best thing about Joel is his passion to truly effect change and make a difference in people's lives. He is incredibly genuine and full of integrity. Sometimes all it takes is just a little help to get the breakthrough you need and want. Joel Goldstein is that help. I 100% endorse him and really encourage you to get started today. You won't regret it."

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