Forge Your Path Accelerator

Forge Your Path Accelerator is a dynamic group of Jewish entrepreneurs working together to scale their businesses. Led by Joel Goldstein, renown Dauntless Entrepreneur

Build and Scale Your Business for Long Term Success Through Inspiration, Accountability and Expert Advice. ​

You Got Your Business Up and Running but Now You Feel Stuck...

Time with Your Family

You want to spend more time with your family. You can’t take time off without your business coming to a screeching halt.

Avoid Isolation

It’s isolating trying to run a business on your own. When you're working on an island, it’s great to have a professional sounding board for big decisions and the support of like-minded peers.

Group Accelerator

You’ve made it this far but feel unclear on which steps to take in order to scale your business.

Our Journey in Forge Your Path Accelerator

You Need a Clear Vision

How can you go anywhere if you don’t know exactly where you’re going? We’ll help you define a clear vision for your life and business.

You Need to Know What to Do Next

Your list of marketing, finances, operational, and managerial tasks are completely overwhelming. To get unstuck, you need a clear vision and to know what to do next.

You Need a Mindset Shift

Most business owners aren’t aware that they are the biggest blocker to their own success. I will teach you how to break through the biggest psychological blockers you have to reach your full potential.

Allow Yourself to Dream bigger

In order to scale and reach a broader market, you’ll need to update the way you do business. I can help you tweak the pieces (contracts, the language, the way you take payments, your pricing, your messaging, etc.) to confidently enter broader markets.

What Forge Your Path Members Say:

“Joel allowed me to believe I can do more; to dream bigger. Nothing feels impossible for me now. I saw my business triple within my first year of working with Joel.”

- Yossi, Forge Your Path Member

“I definitely felt stuck but really wanted to scale my business. The Forge Your Path group has been a lifesaver. I look forward to these calls which help me with what I should be working on and inspire me. My business has grown a lot.”

- Shaya , Forge Your Path Member

Within the Forge Your Path Accelerator We Use a Custom Approach Following a Proven Method

Cultivate a mindset that empowers you to manage responses to challenges

◽ Break free from stagnation

Manage responses to challenges without being hindered by external factors

Overcome mental roadblocks that hinder your progress

Achieve progress in business and personal life

Empower yourself to respond to challenges

Overcome mental roadblocks on your own

Develop resilience and creativity to tackle any obstacle that comes your way

In the Forge Your Path Accelerator, You’ll Receive:

A 90-minute Create Your Path Session

1:1 Session with Joel. Create your specific, custom path before starting the group calls.

Group Accelerator Calls

It’s isolating trying to run a business on your own. Join daily group calls to help you through business decisions and for support continuing on your path.

An Invaluable Network

While you'll have access to Joel throughout the program and on daily calls, having the network of like-minded entrepreneurs in your group has proven invaluable for scaling a business.

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